White Fur Nipple Pasties 1Pair


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A sexy pair of breasts is a great asset for every girl and she is sure to be desired as men are naturally drawn to round, firm and protruding breasts. It gets even more attention when the nipple remains firm and erect. Nipple pasties are one of the new finds that are widely used by young women across the world for its convenience and reusable properties. They can simply paste the pasties on to their nipples. It replaces tight bras, which can be very uncomfortable during hot weather or when the bra is not of desired size to hold the breasts.

You get white fur nipple pasties that can be used against any white lingerie. The self adhesive white fur pasties can be worn to excite your man when you are ready for the game and he is sure to get floored to see your breasts laden with elegant pasties. Try now and see how it surprises him.