Tease Feather Tickler


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Sex without foreplay is nothing more than a wet blanket. Foreplay makes sex exciting and memorable. To add to your foreplay, you can use feather ticklers. We all know that erotic massage, milk spanking or temperature play can instantly ignite the spark and push you both to an exciting climax. Unlike other methods of experimenting, feather tickers are easy to try. It is soft and can tingle her senses beyond compare.

The soft feathers when it is run through her body will heighten the senses and make her very responsive to the touch. This helps in prolonging pleasure and building excitement in a great way. Sex therapists recommend feather ticklers to be used along with a blindfold as your partner becomes more sensitive to the touch of feathers across her body. Ticklers stimulate the senses and allow her to experience full-bodied sensation. It is versatile and best suited for a romantic love making