Spicy Red Seduction Teddy


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Spicy Red Seduction Teddy is a V-Shaped stocking that covers the bosoms and a thin strip runs down to cover the sexy organ of a girl. The teddy in radiant red can be worn over the shoulder has two ribbons running from the centre of the bosom to give it a ribbon shape. This elegant teddy is tailor made for women to showcase their shapely assets and beautiful body. Though it can be considered as a stocking, it has no comparison to the regular stocking that runs down from shoulder to thighs.

 This teddy helps women make style statement and use it to seduce their boyfriends when they are in private. Woman becomes irresistible when they sport this spicy red teddy as this can expose their already elegant and curvy body even more beautiful and sexy. Nothing can make a young girl sexier than this trendy v-shaped teddy. Place an order online and see how your man goes wild looking at you sporting this sexy outfit.

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