Skin Love Strawberry Flavoured & Dotted - Imported Condoms 12's pack


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Skinlove, an imported condom brand has an array of flavoured condoms including Strawberry flavoured dotted condoms. This condom can work as a double delight for her. While she would be thoroughly aroused during oral sex, which she would love to due to the strawberry flavor and then she would experience heightened pleasure when you penetrate her as dotted condoms can make her quiver in pleasure as dots, which are protrusions, would rub against the soft lines of her vaginal muscles.

The combination of an exciting flavor and dots can work wonders for your intimate time. With such a wonderful combination in a single condom, you can be sure of an exciting sex with her every time. She would love to indulge as she can be sure of an exhilarating sex. Skinlove Strawberry flavoured dotted condoms come in convenient pack. Place an order, stock it up sufficiently to ensure your intimate times turn into exciting times.