Skin Love Chocolate Flavoured & Dotted - Imported Condoms 12's pack


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Women and chocolate are inseparable. There is some kind of a connection that runs between the two. Women love to lick a chocolate and when you have a chocolate flavoured condom, you can be sure of an extended indulgence in oral sex. Skinlove is an imported condom that comes with exotic variants including chocolate flavoured condoms to make your oral sex lovable and exciting. In your next indulgence show her that you have chocolate flavoured condom on, then she would lovingly hold your manliness on to her mouth.

She would be delighted to feel your intensity and the scintillating chocolate flavor, all at once. You would need to practically pull her to stop her from indulging in oral sex. Surprise her with a chocolate flavoured condom tonight and enjoy an exciting sex with your lady love. Skinlove Chocolate flavoured condoms are available in convenient 12's pack. Order it now and make sure to delight her every time with something she loves naturally.