Sexy French Maid Costume


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Sexy French maid costume is an amazing costume that is specifically made for those women who dare to show her curvy body as much possible and enjoy the 'awe' look in their men. This body exposing costume is made using black transparent cloth with white lining. The thick laced white and black border simply holds onto the bosoms with large middle portion remains absolutely transparent, exposing the beautiful bosoms to be seen. The thin bottom portion holds on to the hips and a white semi-circular white cloth covers the feminine assets while the transparent cloth gently exposes the lower hips, back and thighs.

The curvy hip region is nicely exposed as the stocking runs from the thigh region down to the heel. Make your next encounter special with this unique French maid costume and see how he goes wild as soon as he sees you in the fabulous costume. It can be ordered online and get it shipped to your home in a discreet packaging. 

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