Sexy fishnet stockings


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For those who are not familiar about stockings, it is a sexy and small outfit that is woven around the skin. It is something like having something yet feeling bare. It was worn by women in yesteryears to add value to their garments. As men found women in stockings incredibly sexy, it turned out to be an outfit to add to the sex appeal of women. Fishnet stocking, when worn with monochromatic outfits can make men go wild.

With its skin-hugging features and mesh-like looks, fishnet stockings give great elegance to the shapely legs, slim hips and curvy bosoms a great look. It can also be worn with toe and minis. Order fishnet stocking now and surprise your man during your next encounter. Give him a chance to see you in sexy fishnet stockings and see the surprise in his eyes. He will not take the eyes off you and go instantly wild.


Because of different measuring methods, position and fabric stretch, the data will have a deviation of ±1