Seductive Red Rose Nipple Pasties - 1Pair


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Nipple pasties are simple to use, but can be quite appealing when it is worn appropriately. They are absolutely easy to wear, all it requires is to position it rightly over your nipples and just paste it. It can be work underneath your bra or just wear it without having to worry about a bra. But it can be quite sexy when you take your shirts off and allow your man to gaze at it. Red Rose nipple pasties can add absolute elegance to your curvy and shapely bosoms.

The dark red pasties, looking close like a rose flower stemming out of your nipple is sure to drive him crazy when he stumbles upon a chance to see it. Nipple pasties can add a great deal to your sex appeal and make you more wanting as it adds to the elegance of your beautiful breasts. Further, pasties can help in keeping your nipples erect, which can drive men crazy.