Royal blue Men half thong


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Nothing can get sexier for men than thongs. It is the latest innovation that is taking the men's world by storm. Young men across the world who would like to flaunt their sexy body and shapely organ love to wear thongs. While there are many varieties of thongs that are popular and convenient to wear, Royal Blue Men Half thong is the latest to join the thong bandwagon.

Half thong can enhance your sex appeal much more than the regular thong as it exposes one side of your hip region clearly. But it is good enough to cover the entire bulge of your male organ. Your girl friend would be tempted to pull your asset out of the half thong when she sees you in the glowing royal blue half thong. Place an order for a pair of royal blue half thong now and see how she reacts when she looks at you in the incredibly sexy outfit. 


Because of different measuring methods, position and fabric stretch, the data will have a deviation of ±1