Playboy Premium Ultrathin Condoms - 12's Pack


CODE: 2184 Brand:

Playboy Premium Ultrathin is for those who want the best of both worlds. Absolute peace of mind and ultimate pleasure that is close to natural. Ultrathin condoms are meant for those who don't want to compromise on the quality of the act, yet want it to be absolutely safe. Playboy Ultrathin is made for those partners who want a passionate and sensual encounter. It can actually bring partners together as they are likely to feel near natural sex with premium ultrathin condoms on. Playboy has become a brand synonymous with sensual and romantic sex.

The brand that has a rich legacy of kindly erotic senses among young men and women over 7 decades has introduced premium range of condoms in the same name. The Playboy range of condoms is an instant hit and it has won the fancy of young men and women who want romantic encounters with their favourite brand of condoms on.

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes (Premium Silicone)

Color: Natural Latex

Reservoir Tip: Yes

Rounded Tip: Yes

Width: 56mm

Length: 180mm

Texture: Plain- Ultrathin