Playboy Premium Strawberry Flavoured Condoms - 12's Pack


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Oral sex plays an important part in the healthy sexual life of a couple. Candid survey on sex indicates that women enjoy as much as men to indulge in oral sex, as they love to take the stimulation on their mouth. The harder it is, better for her. And a good oral sex can always lead to an exciting climax as both partners must have thoroughly enjoyed a sensual foreplay and are absolutely ready for an exhilarating finish.

Knowing the significance of oral sex, Playboy has a premium strawberry variant to make things aromatic for her. When she wanted to feel the intensity of the manhood, a gentle strawberry flavor can work wonders for her. The flavor can make her indulge over a prolonged period as the flavor can make her enjoy the stimulation and hold it on to her mouth for a longer period.  Try strawberry flavor tonight and find how enjoyably she goes down her knees.

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes (Premium Silicone)

Color: Natural Latex

Reservoir Tip: Yes

Rounded Tip: Yes

Width: 54mm

Length: 180mm

Texture: Plain

Flavor: Strawberry