Playboy Premium Dotted Condoms - 12's Pack


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Playboy Dotted condoms are meant for extra pleasure. It comes with hundreds of tiny studs wrapped across the length and breadth of the condom. The dotted variant is sufficiently lubricated with premium silicone to give you an additional comfort while you continue in your act non-stop.

The dots are meant to stimulate her and make your encounter as sensual as possible as the dots can rub against the sensitive points inside her vagina while you move your organ inside out. When stroked by dots, which are tiny projections, she would experience heightened pleasure, which may not be possible with any normal latex condom. Playboy dotted condoms are compatible for water or silicone lubricants meaning you can add additional lubrication, if you want to have a smooth glide. Now Playboy condoms can be ordered online and get it shipped to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Order a pack now and add spice to your sex life

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes (Premium Silicone)

Color: Natural Latex

Reservoir Tip: Yes

Rounded Tip: Yes

Width: 54mm

Length: 180mm

Texture: Dotted