Nipple Flash Baby Doll


CODE: H30126 Brand:

Nipple flash baby doll is a sexy stocking that come in flashy red color. With a perfect skin fit, laced with red threads, the stocking runs through your body from shoulder to toe. The stocking comes with a flashy outer covering to hold your bosoms. The tip of the nipple can glow when it is shown on light. When you wear the nipple flash baby doll, you can see your bosoms glowing.

Men have a fascination to see their women in stockings, which can enhance the sex appeal of the women to a great proportion. Stockings play a significant role in enhancing the natural beauty of your body. As it fits your skin tight and almost runs across the length and breadth of your body, the perfect shape of your body becomes glowingly visible and men tend to look at women in stockings with awe. Try nipple flash stocking next time and make him go wild as soon as you remove your outfit.


Because of different measuring methods, position and fabric stretch, the data will have a deviation of ±1