Naughty Nurse - Flirty Costume


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Nursing is a noble profession and nurses do a commendable job in providing unconditional physical, emotional and medical care to patients. Despite their committed work and professional care, nurses continue to be an object of men's fantasy. They always have been an object of lust. The World over, a naughty nurse is one fictitious character that every man fantasize about.   Naughty nurse flirt costume is a specially made costume that is designed to make the wearer sexy and seductive. 

Made using white and red, the body fitting costume has opening on two hip regions to allow the wearer to show her curvy hip region. White stocking runs from the thigh region down to the heel. The costume is designed in such a shape so as to allow a woman to expose their shapely body and bulging assets to seduce men. This special costume can be ordered from online store www.condombazaar.com and get it shipped to your address discreetly.