Naughty Nights 12 sided Erotic Dice - 1pc


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Playing dice is always fun and this erotic dice can add a new dimension to your foreplay and love making session. Surprising isn't it? The dice comes with 12 faces with illustrations on each face depicting a known sexual position. Yes. You get to see 12 different positions on 12 sides of the dice. The dice can be ideally used to reignite the sensual fire or to give your sexual life a fresh lease of life. It can also be used by couples who are keen to explore dominant positions during the love making sessions.

You can talk among yourselves about who can be on top and roll the dice. Whoever wins can take that position and enjoy an exciting session together. It is fun and play. It can also be used for foreplay as you can try different positions for few minutes and then roll the dice again to assume another position. You can try it until you both feel sufficiently aroused and begin your sensual love making session and end it with an exciting climax.