Moods 1500 dotted condom 12's pack


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Do not be moody as Moods 1500 dotted condom acts as a rejuvenator when used quipped Remo who wallows about its praise. The dots adds to the beauty of the condoms says Remo. An avid sports person he uses it after a hard day's work out, while having sex. It rekindles my passion and makes me enjoy even if am tired confesses Remo with mischievous smile. His wife joins him in complimenting Moods 1500 dotted condom as it assures a happy and a joyous sex life to them

Moods 1500 Dots Condoms – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Transparent and Lubricated

Texture: 1500 Dotted

Shape: Straight walled & Teat ended

Condom Size: Length 180 mm (min) | Width: 53 ±2 mm