Maxman (delay cream For Men, Made In USA) - 60g


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Physical intimacy is the only thing where men and women want to indulge for an extended period. Delay in ejaculation is absolutely desirable as they can enjoy their intimate time for a longer duration. Made in USA, Maxman Delay Cream is an amazing cream that allows men to delay their climax. This wonder cream should be applied over the head of the penis atleast 10 minutes before the commencement of the skinny dipping.

The cream can desensitize the tip of the penis and thus allow men to continue the to-and-fro movement for a longer period. This can make her terribly happy as she can experience a heightened orgasm. The cream is skin friendly and safe for men of all ages. The cream is safe even when a woman indulges in oral sex with her man with the cream on. The cream is available in 60g pack. It can be ordered online and get it home delivered in a discreet packaging.