Manforce StayLong Gel 8 g


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Manforce leads the pack in the Indian sexual wellness industry. Manforce has introduced several sensational condoms and allows young Indian men and women to get habituated to safe sex. Manforce Stay Long Gel is recently introduced for men to prolong their coital time effortlessly. All they need to do is to apply the gel over their organ few minutes before the start of the skinny dipping and then indulge in foreplay till the gel begins to desensitize the tip of the penis. The gel can work perfectly well and is skin-friendly.

The gel can be applied directly over the penis and rubbed or alternatively it can be applied over the hand and rubbed gently over the tip of the penis. Though it is harmless for oral sex, it is advisable to wash the penis well before taking it on to the mouth. Needless to say, the product can help men with premature ejaculation disorder to experience highly satisfying sex with their partner for an unusually extended period.