Leather Whip Flogger - Sexy Gear Red


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Flogger is a sex accessory that is used to enhance arousal. It particularly works well when you want to spice up your sexual life. Flogger is a simple way to stroke her innate erotic fantasies and make her go wild. The flogger is created to add more excitement to the whole act of love making. Whether your partner is submissive or active in bed, give her a whip or smack with flogger gently, you can see her turn very sensual and begin to beg for more.

If she finds it exciting, you can flog her hard enough until she finds it exciting. You are advised to use it cautiously; otherwise when it begins to feel too painful, then the whole idea of using a flogger to spice up your sexual life could go in vain. The flogger comes with a leather handle and strands to facilitate comfortable use. If you haven’t used it before, use it to experience difference level of sex for the first time in your life.