Flash Window Sexy Male Thong


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Flash window sexy male thong allows men to make a seductive style statement down under. This elegant thong is black is colour and with a series of small windows that start from the tip of the central portion down to few inches. The thong is designed in such a way that it exposes a portion of the male's bulge without showing everything. A thin strip holds the thong allowing the wearer to feel very light and comfortable. This super sexy flash window thong is for confident men who don't mind showing their power assets down under.

It is sure to enhance the sex appeal of men to an unimaginable extent. Women who happen to see men with flash window sexy male thong can be expected to go wild and awe. The thong can gently expose the power assets of a man while providing the needed cover for the organ. Now this sexy male thong can be ordered online and get it shipped in discreet packaging.