Flash teddy sexy male thong


CODE: MP009 Brand:

Flash teddy sexy male thong is an elegant thong that covers your stiff asset quite gracefully. It is a strip that comes with round neck top and tapers down as it goes down. This T-shaped thong adds to your sex appeal to a great extent as it completely reveals your shapely body and covers your organ just about what is required.

When your girl friend happens to see you in this sexy thong, she is sure to go wild and get instantly aroused looking at your impressive torso and bulging organ. When you walk towards her, she can't take the eyes off your organ as the thong will make you irresistible and blatantly sexy. Tonight surprise her by sporting flash teddy sexy male thong and see how horny she gets the moment she sees you in that sexy outfit. You can he sure of receiving sensual pleasure from her through oral sex.


Because of different measuring methods, position and fabric stretch, the data will have a deviation of ±1