Crystal Delay Sleeve, Reusable, Delays climax, Made of Silicone Dragon DOTs


CODE: 3071 Brand:

Condom sleeve is an innovative thing that is being used widely by young men around the world for a safe and exciting sex with their partners. The sleeve can be wound around the male organ and it works perfectly well for an uncompromising intimacy. The crystal condom sleeve is reusable and it comes with a host of benefits. Firstly, the sleeve comes with a specially coated chemical which desensitizes the male organ and delays the climax and allows the guy to perform over an extended period of time. She is sure to enjoy the act and experience multiple orgasms.

The whole act becomes a highly sensual and exceedingly exhilarating experience for both.  Secondly, the condom sleeve comes with silicone dragon dots on the exterior to ensure the whole act becomes highly sensual for both as the dots can rub against the soft vaginal tissues and allow her to enjoy quivering pleasure for a long time. What more can you ask for?