Brilliant blue men's thong


CODE: MP046 Brand:

If you are bored with your usual boxers or briefs and if you find them not showing you sexy enough, then you have an ultra sexy alternative. You can try male thong. Though every variant of male thong can enhance your sex appeal to a phenomenal extent, you have some special ones like brilliant blue men’s thong. You just get two narrow threads running along the hips followed by a small bottom portion that is just about the width of your sexy male organ.

When you wear it, the portion that is holding your male asset will only be highly visible. This is one of the sexiest thongs to expose your sexy body and stifling assets. No normal girl can take her eyes off you when she happens to see you sporting brilliant blue thong. You can order one and see how gets erotically moved by your sexy blue outfit. Order one and see how sexy your girl finds you. 


Because of different measuring methods, position and fabric stretch, the data will have a deviation of ±1