Bow Nipple Pasties with Jingles - 1 Pair


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For those who want to create their own fashion statement even with nipple pasties, they have this bow nipple pasties with jingles. The bow shaped nipple pasties come with tiny beeds that can create mild sound when you move your breasts up and down. It can create tingling sound when you walk or gasp. Breast is a great asset for every women as it has the potential to attract any man. Women with curvy and firm breasts are sure to grab the attention of every onlooker. She is sure at the centre of attraction wherever she is and she will surely be part of dreams of many men who eyes her intentionally and occasionally.

Nipple pasties can add to the beauty and elegance of the breasts. The good thing about pasties is that it can be pasted on to the nipples quite easily and it stays on throughout the day. It can be also be reused.