Moods Eye Candy Combo


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Moods presents eye candy combo pack to bring the zing back to your sex life. The pack consists of 78 condoms with 8 variants of 3's pack in different compositions. You get completely different variants such as ultra thin, dotted, ribbed, all night, blaze and flavoured condoms such as chocolate, strawberry and rose scented. You can mix match condoms every time and surprise her erotically with new variant every time. When you know she gets turned on taking chocolate flavoured, you can use that.

Then excite her with ribbed condoms. The assortment allows you to decide at the last minute and keep her guessing. Further, you also can experiment with several variants of Moods brand and find out which one makes you feel better. You can always use ultra thin condoms when you both want to get the natural skinny dipping feeling while you move in and out. Combo packs are ideally suited for those who seek variety in sex


  • Moods Ultra Thin Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods Dotted Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods Ribbed Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods All Night Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods Strawberry Condoms 3's pack X 4
  • Moods Blaze Condoms 3's pack X 2