Okamoto SKIN LESS SKIN CONDOMS - Strawberry Flavor 10's pack


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Dotted condoms are known to add great sensation to the act of love making. The dots are mild projections that will give heightened stimulation and pleasure to woman when it rubs the soft lines of her vaginal muscles. To allow couples to experience unmatched sexual experience, Okamoto Skin Less Skin condoms come with 1350 dots. The uniquely shaped and strategically positioned dots are sure to add great pleasure to the whole act.

Your partner is will experience sensational and highly sensual encounter when you indulge with her using an Okamoto dotted condoms. Made using revolutionary Japanese technology, the super thin Okamoto condoms help you forget that you are wearing condom at all. The near natural experience will make her wanting more. Added to it, Okamoto condoms come in exciting Strawberry flavor to make it aromatic for her. When she wanted to feel the intensity of your manhood, nothing works like a strawberry flavor.

Okamoto Skin Less Skin Strawberry – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Pink and Lubricated

Texture: 1350 Dotted

Flavour: Strawberry

Shape: Straight walled & Teat ended

Condom Size: Width: 53 ±2 mm