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Nothing can be more exciting in sex than having an exciting foreplay as it is the sure shot way to achieve exhilarating climax. When aroused, women go that extra length to give pleasure to men. They love as much to touch, feel and taste your manhood. When oral sex excites her, flavoured condoms can add great flavor to your whole act. When she is hesitant to have your organ inside her mouth, you can make her try with a flavoured condom, particularly with a flavor that she loves.

Few woman may detest the smell of penis in its natural form. Flavoured condoms are an ideal choice to make such woman to try oral sex. Flavoured condoms come in exciting flavours such as banana, apple, orange, chocolate, strawberry etc. Flavour can play a significant role in her arousal and passionate indulgence in oral sex. With right flavor, you can have highly stimulating oral sex and she can give you a great time.

Flavored condoms are playing a dominant part in the lives of many couples. They look forward to use flavored condoms as it has an ethereal fragrance. It whips up an interesting sex life and makes you go crazy. Flavored Condoms are especially enjoyable for couples who love oral sex. Flavored condoms come in all different flavors.

It is very enjoyable to use flavored condoms as it leaves an aromatic trail and sustains the sex life. Some condoms are strongly scented to further enhance the experience. Flavored condoms typically come with an assortment of flavors, and include Strawberry, Banana, Orange, Chocolate, Butter Scotch, Vanilla and Black Grapes flavors.

FAQs on Flavored Condoms

Flavoured condoms need no explanation, does it?

No. As a definition, it a regular latex condom with a flavor coating to allow a protected oral act all the more enjoyable. Usual condoms are horrible to taste and it can even kill the desire for an oral act. Now condom brands have introduced a plethora of flavours to choose from. You get normal vanilla, chocolate to special flavours like wine, paan etc are also available. You also get dual flavours in a condom to add zing to the whole act of tasting the manhood.

However, there seems to be several doubts for users regarding flavoured condoms.

Let's see some of the frequently asked questions.

Why flavoured condoms are used?

Sometimes the smell on the private parts can be foul and could spoil the mood for sex. Many women don't like the taste of penis or semen. Regular unflavoured latex condom tastes horrible and generally is not suitable for giving a blow job. Thus, flavoured condoms are introduced to make blow job enjoyable for both partners.

What is the difference between a flavoured condom and a scented condom?

Flavoured condoms are coated with 'edible' flavours and thus it can be used for giving blow job. The person who gives the blow job is protected from sexually transmitted diseases and the flavor that goes inside are also edible, so the person giving blow job need not worry about any infections or allergies due to latex. Flavoured condoms means the condom is coated with an edible flavor and not the entire condom is flavoured. The flavouring is given to make it enjoyable for the person giving blowjob.

Scented condoms are those that come with a coating that is not edible. Those condoms are used as a sort of room freshner and not meant for oral act. So, when you buy a scented condom, make sure you don't indulge in a blow job and use it only for protection from unwanted conception and STDs. This type of condom acts like a deodorant on private area and makes sex a pleasant experience without having to feel any foul smell.

So, you should understand this key difference before buying a condom. While the terminology and descriptions may vary from country to country and even from brand to brand, what is common is the mention of 'edible' in the condom pack that are meant for oral act.

Why flavored condoms are so popular?

In general women don't love to take on bare penis. The smell at the private parts of men could be foul at times and even otherwise women don't love the taste of semen or seminal fluids in general. Again, tasting latex condoms can be even more horrible as latex tastes very bad. Flavoured condoms offer a refreshing change and make women love oral sex. The flavoured condoms allow women to have protected oral act. The coatings given on flavoured condoms are generally regarded as safe and only approved and edible flavours are used. The flavor can be invigorating and set the mood for an exciting sex.

Why condom brands introduce many different flavours?

How it can impact or enhance the quality of sex?

You should understand that flavoured condoms are basically meant for oral sex. Otherwise it is also a condom that can be used for safe vaginal sex and to get protection from STDs and other infections. Flavoured condoms are also used to prevent infections as men can also contract viruses and germs even from women's saliva when she gives a blowjob on bare organ.

Thus, flavoured condoms allow men and women to enjoy oral sex without any fear of any infection. Condom brands introduce different flavours to allow couples to try different flavours every time and to feel a renewed sense of feeling and energy while indulging in oral sex. Flavours can certainly enhance the quality of sex as it can set the mood for an exciting sex.

When the couple feels the invigorating flavor of a condom, the flavor can make them feel comfortable and that can set the tone for a quality sex leading to exhilarating orgasm.

Do women prefer to give a blowjob with a flavoured condom or without a condom?

Women who use flavoured condoms regularly say that the flavor lasts only for the first few licks and then it is just the taste of rubber. They use flavoured condoms not to taste their partners cum or pre-cum. Even though their partners assure them to stop before cumming, in some cases they jerk it all over their mouth and that makes their oral sex all the more awful. So, using flavoured condoms is for the liking of the flavor and to avoid tasting the cum.

Few women also use flavoured condoms for protection from infections. Chances of women getting infections from male organs are very high. So to protect themselves and to enjoy the act to an extent, women choose a flavoured condom than a regular condom.

Women, who are emotionally attached and are caught in deep love, prefer to give a blowjob to a bare skin. The feel of the organ makes them enjoy every bit and for such couple flavoured condoms have no place in their oral sex manual. They simply go about doing the job with the bare manhood. Its as simple as unzip, hold and blow.

What are the drawbacks of flavoured condoms?

Though flavoured condoms are amazing for a satisfying oral sex and are good for safe vaginal sex, it has its own drawbacks. Flavoured condoms are quoted with sugar and other edible chemicals which can sometimes product allergic reactions to women. Some women may even get vaginal infections because of the sugar coating in the flavoured condoms.

What are some of the hot selling flavoured condoms?

There are a few condoms which have received widespread liking. Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate remains the hot favourites among users. Though other flavours are also increasingly preferred, the above three flavours continue to be the front runners.

Which is the most bad-tasting flavoured condom?

Though it varies with women to women, a recent survey indicated that Walnut Flavour is the most unliked flavor. Many users opined that 'it sucks'.