VENUS BUTTERFLY Sexopedia Term 59

Venus Butterfly Sexopedia Term

Venus Butterfly is a sex act that involves both cunnilingus and manual stimulation of vagina (fingering) with fingers.

In short, it involves both oral and finger stimulation.Venus butterfly allows women to experience vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously and help them experience exploding orgasm.

Venus butterfly needs to be done at a slow pace as it allows the women to enjoy the heightened sensation thoroughly.

To achieve venus butterfly the middle and ring finger can be used to insert into the vagina while using the tongue to rub along the clitoris and outer skin of the vagina.

For those women who cannot reach orgasm only through oral, venus butterfly offers the ideal solution.

Alternatively you can use tongue-vibrator combination. There is also venus butterfly sex toys are available, which can be used to get simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.