Vaginal Dryness and Alcohol

Vaginal Dryness and Alcohol

It is natural for women to go overboard in drinking more alcohol and indulge in uninhibited dancing and partying. Know that alcohol can cause vaginal dryness. It is proven beyond doubt that women lose vaginal moisture after consuming few gulps of alcohol. Drinking and Driving too should not mix even in bed. So, when you are planning for a good time with your partner, make sure you don't drink; otherwise it can make your sex dry and tasteless.

How alcohol affects vaginal moisture?

Vaginal muscles need good amount of oxygenated blood to get that natural lubrication and the secretion of that lubrication can make women feel aroused. Alcohol consumption dehydrates our body and inhibits the production of required amount of natural lubrication in a woman's body.

Even if a woman is able to get wet and sticky down under during foreplay, this moisture is most likely to be short lived compared to times without alcohol consumption. Vaginal dryness also leads to reduced sensations for women during sex. This can make sex an uncomfortable and painful experience and this also affects the ability to orgasm. Further, having sex with a dry vagina increases the chances of condom breakage due to excessive friction and resulting heat.

Indulging in drinks and sipping champagne under the moon light may look very romantic, but having a dry and painful intercourse later can drain away that romantic feelings. This doesn't mean we are suggesting you to abstain from alcohol during occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversary, romantic date or any special occasion, but drinking in moderation is recommended.

How to overcome Vaginal Dryness?

When you know for sure that you are going to send down few more extra drinks tonight, make sure you have lubricants ready in your kitty. Stocking up lube is the smartest thing a woman can do to enjoy both alcohol and sex together. Make sure it is within your reach and nobody notices it. Don't hide it so deep that it should not be a problem for you to find in the dark.

How to apply lube without disturbing the mood?

Once you have safely carried lubricant, using it should not create a break in your action or annoy your partner. In fact, applying lubrication can be an enjoyable part of sex. You can drip the cold and sticky liquid over her body slowly and tease her. If she likes a warmer lube and subtly wet, then you can apply the lube onto your hands and rub them together to make it warmer and then rub your hands over the sensitive parts of her body. If you both like a warmer or colder lube, you can then buy a warming or cooling lubes available online.

To make the occasion special, buy her a new flavoured lubricant that she hasn't used before. This can make her feel excited and can translate into more fun in bed. The vaginal dryness will not dampen your ability to enjoy a high quality penetrative sex.

Bringing lube during your foreplay stage is the smart way to applying lube without altering the mood. Then you don't have to stop everything and get your hands on lube.

So, after you open that second bottle of champagne, and before you shoot her with Cupid’s arrow, be sure to properly lubricate her.