Turning Position - Sex Position 91

Turning Point SexPosition

This is quite a freakish position. It is not a position in fact, it is a swift movement of him that can give a surprising, yet highly sensual feeling for her.

As he starts off facing her and inserting his snake on to her, he continues to fire his piston in and out, as she enjoys the movements, he suddenly makes a 180 degree turn using his piston as axis and suddenly changes position.

This swift movement rubs her vagina in a circular motion making her enjoy a new pleasure that she wouldn't have experienced before. She may have to adjust herself to some extent to hold on to his organ in position so that it doesn't slip out of her pleasure hole.

During the swift movement her clitoris also gets good amount of stimulation for a short period. This position becomes enjoyable only when both partners are thoroughly aroused and are eager to do something that can break their monotony and infuse fresh energy under the sheet.

Divine Moment - Bend over and plant a kiss on his bums

Pure Nirvana:  Hold him tight when you discover bliss at any angle.