Touching Embrace - Sex Position 10

Touching Embrace - Sex Position 10

Who says you need to be forceful and dominant to sweep her off the floor. A gentle touch or a warm hug can go a long way in sweeping her off her feet and fall for you.

You have to move in close and touch her body gently near her hip region and pull her towards you. When the touch is warm and friendly, she is going to throw herself to you and cuddle you all over.

A gentle embrace could lead to an orgasmic climax as a warm embrace could set the tone for a passionate indulgence. Give her a good hug when she is on your shoulders and rub her back gently and feel her bare skin on her back.

Run your fingers along her back from neck to buttocks and squeeze her buttocks gently. These simple touches can set her gasping and she will begin to expresses readiness for more.

Divine Moment:  Run your fingers along her spine and squeeze her buttocks.

Pure Nirvana: Embrace her tightly and plant a passionate kiss on her neckline.