The source of delight - Sex Position 117

Source of Delight Sex Position

If you enjoy femdom, then this position is ideal for you. Pulling her and pushing your pillar in and finishing the game like 'slam-bam-thankyou-man' kind of sex don't give her pleasure and you don't experience greater pleasure either.

Sex is a 'doubles game' and you need active and involved participation of both partners. As the name indicates, she takes charge and rides you at her will.

You will just lie down and lift your knees for her to provide a seat like arrangement so that she can get on top of your pillar in a kneeling position, lean forward by resting her elbows near your shoulder and ride your pillar to and fro.

Giving her due time and allowing her to make moves can change the whole dynamics of the sex and you can enter various realms of erotic journey when she is allowed to ride your pillar and allow her to explore pleasure zones lying deep inside her pleasure hole.

Divine Moment - As she laid you down, return the favour and give her a hard push towards the end

Pure Nirvana - Hug her hard and allow her to lie over you completely