The Shampooner - Sex Position 1

Shampooer Sex Position

Ever experienced a sensual scalp massage? Can you believe that it is rated among one of the best foreplays?

Yes! True.

You have to feel it to believe it. If not, then it's time to try it right away. Allow her to massage your head in gently shampooing movements. Close your eyes and experience every tiny movement of her tender fingers.  Just get her rolling all over your head. Use fragrant coconut oil if required.

The gentle circular motion using her tender finger can give you divinely pleasure if you feel every bit of her finger that runs through your scalp. Just soak in the tenderness and experience it thoroughly.

The massage can work wonders in relaxing your mind and body and prepare you for a fulfilling encounter with her. This shampooing massage is amongst one of the effective foreplay methods to prepare you and her for a highly pleasurable and sensual session.

Divine moment: Soak in the pleasure of sensation created by her fingertips.

Pure nirvana: Use fragrant oil for added pleasure.