The Passion Kindler (neck massage) - Sex Position 2

The Passion Kindler Sex Position

You ask her how and where to start?

Most probably she would ask you to begin from her neck line.

Neck plays an important role in taking her along the erotic journey. When you press your lips on her neck, it sets her on fire and it turns her on intensely. A neck massage also soothes her and prepares her for a memorable intimacy.

You begin by pressing the muscles on the sides of her neck gently with your fingers. Run the fingers in circular motion and repeat on the other side. While doing so, move her flowing hairs to the other side and stroke the neckline gently. Make her blush by whispering something nice about her on her ears.

This needs to be done slowly and it is better not to rush. When you know that she is soaking in the pleasures, run your lips along her neck and allow her to breathe heavily.

Divine Moment: Run your lips along her neckline to set her on fire.

Pure Nirvana: Rub your lips on her neck while whispering about how awesome you find her.