The Lion Tamer - Sex Position 7

The Lion Tamer Sex Position

Ever allowed your partner to massage you on your back?

You undress and lie down on your back. Ask her to rub you on your back. Her soft hands will give you a unique pleasure while it can also work as a stress-buster. Spice up the session by including warm oil.

Allow her to pour warm oil on your shoulder blades and along the length of your spine. Let it trickle down a bit and make her rub the oil gently to the extent that it evenly spreads along your back. She may continue the session by sitting over your firm butt and rub along the bottom of the spine.

When the oil is pressed deep into your skin, then you can roll over and allow her to play with your firm snake. The whole activity can work as a perfect foreplay and set the tone for a sensational climax.

Divine moment:  Lie over him with your hands on his back and plant a kiss on his neckline

Pure nirvana: Roll him over and stroke his snake with your oily hand.