The Bite of the Boar - Sex Position 26

Biting is the kind of expression that most women indulge in to show how much they enjoy their partner.

When your woman is biting you gently on your neck or other parts of your body, you can take it for granted that she is sufficiently aroused and she is thoroughly enjoying your physical intimacy and she loves you from the depth of her heart.

It is an amazing expression that not many men can boast of receiving such a pleasure from their lady love. Lean over her body and allow her to hold you from behind.

When you position yourself in such a way, she can bite on your shoulder or upper part of the chest by lowering her neck slightly. Allow her to bite on you repeatedly and feel her love.

In the process you may have red marks one next to other on your neckline, shoulder or upper chest.

Turn yourself and begin your moves

Divine Moment - Allow her to express her sexual energy by biting hard

Pure Nirvana - You can moan slightly in pain as she runs her nails on your chest