The Awakener - Sex Position 5

The Awakener Sex Position

How you wake up your partner can set the tone for all the intimate actions of the day. When you are the first to wake up, just sit near his butt and hold it firm while calling his name.

Then press it hard, stroke it and scratch it with your nails lightly. Make a circle with your fingers and make him feel the sensation. Just press his butt again and again, the way you press horn while calling his name. When he actually wakes up and turns his head, he will be pleasantly surprised to see you touching his butt so early in the morning.

This could well turn out to be an unusual foreplay that could culminate in a passionate indulgence. To add loads of fun, you could use your breasts on one side of the butt while pressing the other with your hand. He will really like feeling your soft bosoms down his big assets.

Divine moment:  Scratch his butt softly with your teeth.

Pure nirvana: Move down a bit and run your soft breasts along his firm butt.