Tailor Position - Sex Position 79

Tailor Sex Position

This is an unusual position where she sits on his thighs facing him with her pleasure hole placed right near his stiffened pillar. She places her legs on his chest.

He holds her hands and enters her and she moves to and fro to enjoy the coital pleasure.

The position involves her moves majorly and she would enjoy the pleasure as she can call the shots and make movements in such a way that she gets vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

He can hold her and give her a support so that she can do the act at the pace convenient to her. As she takes control she can move at her convenience and receive pleasure as she wants. She can pace her movements and give herself needed pleasure.

He is going to enjoy every bit of it as he can directly see her and know how much she enjoys moving against her stiffened organ.

Divine moment: Shout in pleasure when you want as that can make her turn wild.

Pure Nirvana - Pull her closer and give a kiss on her juicy hole as an appreciation