Squirting - Sexopedia Term 53

Squirting is a moment in sex that results in fluid getting out of a woman's vagina, most when a woman achieves orgasm during sex. It is like switching on a fountain between your legs and allowing the water to splash out of our organ. Squirting is made famous thanks to porn movies. Squirting is still a debatable topic as it is not practically possible for any woman to squirt after going through a sensual orgasm.

According to a report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the liquid that is gushing out of the vagina is nothing but the urine. But many are opposed to this citing that the orgasmic liquid doesn't smell or look like urine. Some researchers have concluded that the fluid is from Skene's gland located on the upper wall of the vagina and the fluid from the Skene's glands is a combination of urine and prostate fluid.

As many women don't necessary have Skene's glands, this further complicates the theory. The other theory is that squirting is an orgasmic urinary incontinence, -which is an involuntary release of the bladder during orgasm. Though one cannot teach a woman to learn to squirt practically, but there are number of videos that teach ways to squirt. Researchers conclude that porn stars simply pass urine to give the impression that they are squirting; it is a staged act to woo the porn viewers.