Spooning - Sexopedia Term 52

Spooning refers to a classic cuddle position where couples lie down side-by-side. Here the chest of the male will be in complete contact with the back of his partner. Spoon is a great way to make her feel close and loved. It helps couple to connect better with each other and women in general love spooning position more than the face-to-face cuddling. This is also an ideal position listed as the great position for couples to fall asleep together.

They can sleep yet enjoy each other's closeness. Some women don't feel the spooning as it makes them uncomfortable to feel the boner brushing on their back and typically some men hate spooning because they get hair on their mouth. But it is a great position to stay in bed together all day long. Try it and feel the warmth of love and physical intimacy. Spooning is not just the way to sleep, the position can also be used to have sex.

Spooning is recommended particularly during pregnancy as there is no chance for the big tummy to get crushed under his weight. Spooning offers more opportunities for men to use their hand to touch, squeeze or rub various vital parts of a woman's body and this makes the whole encounter a pleasurable one for the woman. The position is also recommended for deeper anal penetration. If you are new to butt stuff, then ask him to spoon his way up.