Snowballing - Sexopedia Term 51

Snowballing is a sexual act in which a man ejaculate semen into his partner's mouth and then indulge in a open-mouth kiss and then make her partner pass the semen back into his mouth. Then they can continue the kiss and pass the semen back and forth into each other's mouth. In the process the semen size may increase as it mixes with saliva.

This act of semen swapping can also refer to a woman passing semen from her mouth into the mouth of another woman during a three-some or group sex - she need not involve the man who ejaculated semen into her mouth first. A 1972 archive of a popular magazine has published the word 'snowballing' in an article about weird behavior of gay men. Before starting this you should talk to your partner and make sure she is comfortable indulging in it.

When you are so particular about 'snowballing' then you should make your partner give a blow job and suck the cum load. Then you can kiss her and allow her to swap the load.