Sex Positions for men with curved penises

Sex Positions for men with curved penises

Penis comes in different sizes and shapes. Few men have slightly curved penis, which is common and there is nothing wrong about it. Before going further, there is a disease called Peyronie’s Disease --  which can make your penis so curved that getting hard, having sex, and ejaculating can be really painful for those with that disease. That requires complete treatment and it is curable.

But if it is only a slight curve, then there is no need to worry about it. We give below some positions that you can use it to your advantage and enjoy a fulfilling sex with your partner. You know that there are curved vibrators are available online, which is an indication that curved penises can also be used to greater benefit to give your partner a mind blowing orgasm. Otherwise, why on earth would any product design company create a curved vibrator?

Doggy Style

This is the highly recommended and number one position for those with a curved penis. Because this is great for hitting that ever-awesome G-spot irrespective of the way your organ is curved. As a proof you can find every vibrator labeled for G-spot use is curved. Curved penis sporters, many women actually enjoy your supposed-deformation far better than the supposedly-desired straight ones. Doggy Style is an exciting position for men with straight penis, but the curve, in either direction, will add a new and exciting angle for stroking her
G-spot. So, go doggy and give her a wild blast.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl can work best for men with curved penis. Your partner can guide your penis for the right insertion while facing away from you. You can bounce her up and down for an amazing experience. It certainly requires a lot of stamina and strength to remain seated up. It is worth as your curved penis can hit all right spots inside her juicy vagina making her enjoy quivering pleasure. If you use a dotted or ribbed condom, it can add the pleasure and allow her to enjoy an exploding climax.


If your penis is curved upwards, a simple missionary is all enough to send your partner to the stars. Missionary with a penis that is curved upwards is perfect for hitting the anterior wall of the vagina-- where the G-Spot is located. So, what more do you need. Just make her lie down and give her a hard push, she would have it experience of a lifetime.

Don't think that there is nothing unusual about the positions recommended for men with curved penises as it all looks normal. Yes, you can do any normal position, but the above 3 positions can make her enjoy enormous pleasure as these positions naturally favour the shape of your penis without you having to do anything. You  just have to insert and get going, that's all.