Sex and Injuries

Sex and Injuries

Sex is an intense physical activity and it can be categorized under 'contact sport'. So, when you are indulging in a contact sport, it is but normal to get injuries. We give below some of the common injuries that are associated with sex. Some may be visible while some may be hush-hush.

Fracture Penis

A penile fracture is a rare and alarming injury that may occur during sexual intercourse.

It is a rupture in the two areas of the penis responsible for erections: the corpora cavernosa and the penile sheath.

Because the injury can cause long-lasting damage to a man's sexual and urinary function, it is important to seek emergency medical attention.


A penile fracture is a painful injury that usually occurs in the lower two-thirds of the penis.

Symptoms of a penile fracture include:

  • bleeding from the penis
  • experiencing dark-colored bruising to the penis
  • having trouble urinating
  • hearing a cracking or popping sound
  • losing an erection suddenly
  • pain that varies from minimal to severe

According to research, penile fracture symptoms that do not include a popping sound or rapid loss of erection are usually due to another type of injury.


The penis has an area of sponge-like tissue called the corpus cavernosa. When a man has an erection, the blood in the penis concentrates in this area. When the penis is erect, one or both sides of the corpus cavernosa can snap, resulting in a penile fracture.

Penile fracture has also been known to occur in the following circumstances:

  • thrusting hard on the pubic bone of the female partner
  • rolling over in bed onto an erect penis
  • hitting an erect penis on something, such as a door frame or furniture
  • falling onto an erect penis

Knee Bruise                                       

If you are wearing shorts or miniskirts, you are more likely to get a bruise on your knees due to intense sexual activity. You could find bulging pair of swollen skin over your knees post the sexual activity. So, if you find your knees hurting during sex, ask your partner to stop and have something soft underneath your knees to protect yourself from injuring your knees. Use a knee cap if required.

Foot Cramps

Foot cramps don't happen only due to excessive running, dancing or stretching, but also during an intense sexual activity. Foot cramps are common among men and women during sexual activity. While it can happen during the middle of the coital activity or post the coital slumber only to wake up in the middle of the night with sharp pain.


Headache after intense sexual activity is common among men. The release of adrenaline coupled with intense nervous spikes can lead to mild to severe headache among men. It subsides after a while when the body is calmed down. Studies have shown that men in the age group 25-35 are more likely to get headache post sex due to emotional upsurge and intense physical action. Men over 35 are less likely to get post coital headache as sex becomes a normal thing and they begin to enjoy every aspect of it without much of an emotional rush.

Muscle Spasm

When you indulge in positions involving splits or semi-splits where you stretch your legs too much, you are most likely to feel painful muscle spasm post sex in your leg or thigh or even in your hip region. You can do stretching exercises to make yourself flexible to prevent getting this spasm during sex or alternatively you can consume more potassium on a daily basis to avoid this. Applying pain killers over the affected area can give you relief.

Slip and Fall

When your floor begins to get messy and wet, it can get slippery leading to a slip or fall. This can also happen when you indulge widely under shower. When you are using silicone-based lubes it can make things really sticky and your floor becomes highly slippery. When you are indulging sex in your bathroom or under shower, you are more likely to fall and injure yourself if you are not careful. In the heat of the moment, you might move leading to painful fall or slip. So, always exercise caution if you are using a lube.

Lower Back Sprain

Women are more likely to injure their lower back when they are using strap ons and pegging. Positions involving intense physical activity or acrobatic postures can injure your back if you are not flexible enough to indulge in it. When your lover goes super fast and bangs you really hard in awkward positions, then there is more likely to have a lower back sprain. So stop and change the position when you begin to feel pain in your lower back.

Wrist Strain

When you indulge in too much masturbation or fingering, then you are likely to experience pain in your wrist, which can last for couple of days. Using lubes during your masturbation and or fingering can help you reduce your pain and experience more pleasure.

Stiff Neck

When you go down on your partner for little too long, you are likely to strain your neck and walk like a robo for the next two days. So when you are doing an oral, make sure you don't overdo and be reasonable enough while enjoying a deep-throat.

Rug burn

It is a mild tear or a burning sensation on your buttocks caused due to a damaged carpet. The shag carpet can injure your skin when your partner is pounding over you leaving you feeling burning sensation behind your back post your coital. So, before lying down, make sure the bristles of carpet is intact or otherwise spread a soft towel or cloth over it to prevent yourself from rug burn. If you find a shag carpet, it is better to change to a non-carpeted area to keep your skin safe.

Bite Marks

Bite marks can also be a source of embarrassment if it is visible on your lips, face or neck. Many women have bite marks over their bosoms. Remember, there is a difference between a love nibble over your nipples and a hard bite mark. If your partner bites you too hard that is tears the skin, then you both need to go for a full scaleSTDtest. You can also get non-STDbacterial infections if his oral hygiene is questionable. Remember, human bites can also be source of infections and diseases. So, make sure your lover bites you out of love and any form of extreme biting should be avoided.

Scratch Marks

Scratch marks on your back or thighs can be a common occurrence during a steamy sex with a partner who holds you firmly during sex. It can also happen on men's shaft due to scratching of skin due to nails or sharp teeth. Scratch marks can also happen over the vaginal walls while intense fingering. If the skin is broken, make sure there is no fluid transfer which can lead to infections. Scratch wounds should be covered and disinfected as quickly as possible to prevent infections.

Frenulum Bleed

The little flap of skin underneath your tongue is called Frenulum. This skin there is super soft and is more prone to get bruised during your intense kissing or oral sex. The head of the shaft can sometimes cut the sensitive Frenulum skin leading to bleeding injury. So, indulge in kissing and oral sex with caution.

Beard Burn

When you rub your soft facial skin against your partner with tough beard, you are likely to feel burning sensation over your face. For some women, the facial skin can become red and slightly swollen due to excessive abrasion. When your partner has sharp stubble, make sure you don't indulge in prolonged facial contact. This can happen to men over the pubic hair stubble as well. For your stubble not to trouble your partner, make sure to trim it.

Lip Injury

The super soft portion of the face, lips, is likely to get injured during an intense love making session. Not only due to excessive and hard kissing, lips can get injured during hard cuddling, elbows accidentally hitting or shoulders pressing or due to unimaginable ways, your lips can get injured during an intense sexual activity.

Handcuff Marks

For those who like to indulge in bondage, make sure handcuffs are not too hard, which otherwise can leave a painful mark lasting for few days. Use a cloth over your skin and then tie the rope over it to avoid bruises on hands and legs.

Micro tears

Micro tears are common in vagina and anus due to over indulging. Micro tears are more common during anal sex and when sex is initiated without any foreplay. For women with vaginal dryness, micro tears are common unless they use a lube. Micro tears are prone to bring infections and can cause sharp pain post coital.


Excessive or unlubricated anal sex with women can lead to a painful condition called Hemorrhoids. Using a lube is highly recommended for anal sex, which otherwise may lead to painful condition.

Vaginal Swelling

Following a steamy session of continuous banging, some women may find their vaginal lips swelled and reddened due to excessive friction. This is temporary and lasts only for few hours. Vaginal skin is very tender and it needs to be handled softly. So, don't get drifted by the rush of emotions. When you feel pain or discomfort over your vaginal skin, you can ask your partner to slow down to reduce the intensity of friction so that you can avoid swelling of outer skin of your vagina.

Muscular Spasms

When you have a high-octane sex unusually, you may find it difficult to walk and your muscles may feel too weak to handle your body weight. You can find your legs shaking unusually and your may feel very weak overall. You may find it difficult to press down on a gas pedal or pushing a grocery cart a big challenge. This muscular spasm may be due to excessive load you gave to your muscles during your intense sex.

So, know that you need to exercise caution while enjoying sex. As with any good thing in life, if you go overboard, you are likely to injure yourself and go through painful and unpleasant experience. So, exercise restraint and enjoy sex responsibly. Sex is an intense workout, you need to know your limits and play within your limits to enjoy it thoroughly.