Rising Position - Sexposition 80

Raising her legs up and penetrating by kneeling closer to her organ is an experience in itself. It is a compact position that allows for a deeper penetration.

This position can be tried in a small room or even on a camp tent that allows a deeper penetration and thorough enjoyment for both partners. You can make her lie down and raise her legs and position it on your shoulder so that you get a 'V' position and she lifts her bum slightly so that you get a opened up pleasure hole for you to penetrate and enjoy coital pleasure thoroughly.

You can hold her legs for support and bang her as deep as you can. As her legs are positioned upwards she can also enjoy clitoral stimulation while you move your organ in and out. She would quiver in pleasure as you move in and out as she gets both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at one go.

You can see her moaning loudly as you pick up pace.

Divine moment:  Give her clit a gentle rubbing with your thumb
Pure nirvana: Position a pillow under her bum and give her a good bang