Rainbow Arch - Sex Position 208

This is a freak position and would be suitable only when both partners are in the right mood to try something new and exciting. This position involves her lying down on one side with her legs stretched and wide open.

You position yourself on one side in a different direction and position your organ on to her pleasure hole by position both your stretched legs between her open legs. She can keep one leg over your body while her other stretched leg is positioned below your body.

You can hold her shoulder with your hands for support and grip, while she can hold your legs for support. You can arch your hip region to bang her and she can adjust her torso to receive your bangs properly. This position allows you to create a snug-fit and provide a more intense penetration and allow her to experience explosive orgasm.

Give her something that she deserves.

Divine moment:  Drive her crazy with your hard and side wards push

Pure nirvana: Roll over and lie down complete on her tender body.