Race of the Member - Sex Position 246

This is clearly a femdom position and it would certainly be exciting for her. She takes complete control over the proceedings and she pushes herself onto your organ and explores the joy of penetration by riding high on your stiffened lingam.

In this position he lies down flat on his back and raises his legs and draws his thighs up to his chest. She lowers herself down by positioning herself on her feet while folding her knees. She positions herself on his stiff member and makes up and down movements.

She holds his hands for support while his legs are positioned above her thighs. With half kneeling and resting on her raised toes, she can go up and down, up and down and adjust her body slightly to get the stimulation right on her vagina.

You can see her thoroughly enjoying the ride and get what exactly she wants. You can enjoy a different sensation with her giving you pleasure.

Divine moment – Let herself enjoy her sensual seating

Pure Nirvana – You be a mute spectator and allow her to rock your boat until she explodes