Prowling Tigress - Sex Position 9

Prowling Tigress Sex Position

Your partner's tender finger rubbing your chest and belly can be an amazing foreplay experience that cannot be compared with anything else. The soft fingers running along your hairy chest can be highly sensual that you don't want her to stop it.

Better it gets if she continues to run her fingers up and down gently. When she knows that you are enjoying, she will kneel between your legs and lean forward towards your torso and slide her hands along your belly and run it gently way up to your chest.

She may begin to lie over your body gently and begin to move her bosoms from your groin up to your chest. The feel of soft bosoms over your belly and chest can give you a heavenly feeling.

This is sort of a femdom, where she is allowed to make her own moves and indulge in something that she enjoys.

Divine Moment:  Run your bosoms over his hairy body and set him on fire.

Pure Nirvana:Lean over his groin and rub his snake using your navel.

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