Plucking an Instrument - Sex Position 313

This is a very unique and highly experimental position. This position can give uniquely sensual experience for both partners as it involves an unusual penetration angle and it can stroke different portions inside her vaginal wall, as they cannot be stroked under normal missionary positions.

In this, you make her lie flat on her back and you position yourself in right angles and penetrate her. You can stretch yourself exactly at 90 degrees from her body and place your hands near her thighs and penetrate her. As you indulge, your body weight would lie on her thighs and stomach portions.

You can continue your thrusts in an unusual angle and your pubic portion can also provide good amount of clitoral stimulation as well, which is sure going to excite her and allow her to experience orgasmic pleasure in quick time. You can try this creative position as third or fourth position on the same day. 

Divine moment: When you have a slightly side-bent shaft, then you can give her exciting splash
Pure Nirvana: Give her clitoris a highly sensual rubbing and listen to her loud moans