PEARL NECKLACE - Sexopedia Term 39

Pearl Necklace - Sexopedia

This has nothing to do with jewellery that women wear. A pearl necklace refers to a sexual act in which a man ejaculates his load onto his partner's neck or chest.

This creative name is given as the drops of white semen resembled the look of individual pearls as being thrown off from a strand of pearl beads. Pearl necklace can ideally happen when a woman gives blow job and allow her partner to jerk off the liquid on her neck.

Though it can happen even after a thorough intercourse, given the proximity of neck a blow job can be ideal to get a pearl necklace. Pearl necklace is ideal for those women who don't like to have a facial.

When you don't want to take the penis juice onto your face, then it is always better to allow him to sprinkle onto your neck or breasts.

Women have to be careful because when the throw is faster and the load is bit too high, there are chances that semen may fall into the eye, which can be anything from being uncomfortable to dangerous. So, ensure your eyes don't contract semen.