Opening the peony - Sex Position 43

Opening the Peony - Sex Position

There is a way to reach out to all three sensitive parts of her body - clitoris, vagina and anus. Just allow her to drape over your knees and you hold her legs in such a way that her peony is reachable with your tongue.

You can play her three sensitive parts with your tongue and allow her to experience the might of your tongue and how much you enjoy tasting her intimate parts.

When you want her to experience height of pleasure, you allow her to wrap herself over your knees and you apply your tongue on her soft and juicy yoni.

Swirl your tongue faster and give a mild thrust to her moist walls of her yoni and suck her nectar occasionally. Press her clitoris with your upper lip and see her quivering in pleasure.

Then you can circle her yoni area with your tongue and allow her to experience your tongue all along her yoni.

Divine moment: Go for a full immersion and make her feel the power of your tongue job

Pure nirvana: Stroke all three erroneous spots of her body with your tongue - clitoris, vagina and anus.